Here are Joan Walsh and Jonathan Capehart commiserating with Chris Matthews on the reluctance of voters to engage in politics.

During the lamentations, Ms Walsh remarks that it's too easy for Democrat loyalists to get caught up in the latest Presidential Hope to take much interest in the House and sometimes the Senate elections.  What better metaphor is there for Democrat governance -- if it's not Elizabeth Warren, it is Barack Obama and before that Hillary Clinton, and we can follow the trail all the way back to George McGovern (where Ms Walsh first drank the Kool-Aid) or perhaps to Adlai Stevenson.  Ivy graduates rule: if you went to Wisconsin or Holy Cross it is your job to be a middle manager, and there's not much reason to get interested in the House elections as long as the likes of Bobby and Gwen and John and Maxine keep getting re-elected.  And until Republicans or Libertarians can come up with arguments that will convince people rendered helpless by years of Democrat governance (a veto-proof Senate, a Democrat House, broad popular support for a new president, and still no economic recovery, let's get the message out!) the MSNBC crowd can limit its interest in Congressional elections to cracking wise about alleged dog-whistles.  Refugees from areas ruined by Democrat policies require no dog whistles.  Nor are they likely to have the same faith in the Cult that coastal pundits continue, naively, to exhibit.

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