My first full day back in country, last Friday, and here's Democrat shill Chris Matthews ending his show with a warning about political dynasties.

"Dynasties make no sense whatever."

That, at the conclusion of a show that included a friendly interview with Ken Burns about his latest PBS collage, The Roosevelts.  Yes, the show presents the family warts-and-all; it is, however, a paean to The Cult of the Presidency.  Nowhere in that segment does the evasion of the Constitution by Theodore or Franklin ever come up.  Bully.

"Why do we speak of dynasties with such affection?  Why?"

This from a man who is doing everything he can throw at his (smallish) audience to drag Hillary!'s pantsuited cankles into the Oval Office.

This from a man who regularly brings long-time Kennedy-worshippers on as guests (three aging Boomers, each agreeing with each other.)

Mr Matthews would make a real contribution by finishing with "Why do we look to Washington for everything?  Why?"

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