Although Amtrak remains chronically short of coaches, the carrier will be adding trains in the Chicago regional area, particularly on the routes that serve numerous colleges.

This season, the Michigan services will feature an additional Kalamazoo turn commencing Wednesday from Chicago, last trip to Chicago on the Monday after; an Ann Arbor turn out of Chicago Wednesday, Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday; and a Chicago and Holland turn on the Pere Marquette Wednesday and Sunday.  The Kalamazoo turn lays over in Kalamazoo, but on-time turns of the Ann Arbor and Holland trains depend on Norfolk Southern providing clear paths between Chicago and Porter.

The Sunday Illinois services will again see modified schedules of the Quincy trains to provide a third, mid-day trip each way (there are enough passengers on this service that chartering the Nebraska Zephyr,  appealing though that might be to the ferroequinologist, and morning departures at each end of the Alton Route moved forward so as to turn a rake quickly for an additional train on that line.

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