Among the Amtrak projects on the Cold Spring Shops wish list is an extension of the New England services.  Once upon a time, the summer-season Bar Harbor carried sleepers from Philadelphia to Rockland, and the steam-era Down Easter and East Wind had cars from New York for Rockland.

These days, the Amtrak Downeaster offers a single-seat ride from Boston as far as Brunswick, and in the summer of 2014, the Maine Eastern offered connecting service to Rockland.  "Now, about that roomette on the Rockland section of the Bar Harbor ..."

Ask, and perhaps you shall receive.
There are no plans to expand regular commuter service to Rockland, but a company spokesman said Amtrak is always looking at opportunities to expand.

Amtrak spokesman Craig Schulz said Friday that the company was invited by Maine Eastern Railroad to tour the line that runs from Brunswick to Rockland. Amtrak provides service as far north as Brunswick.

Aboard the train were representatives of Amtrak, Pan Am Railways, Maine Eastern and the Maine Department of Transportation.

“The trip was informative and valuable,” Schulz said.

He said considerable discussions would be required and a lot of work done before Amtrak service could extend to Rockland.
Amtrak may always be seeking new business opportunities. Without ongoing support from Congress and some additional rolling stock, service extensions will be hard-won indeed. All the same, I would be delighted to report that there is a roomette available on the Rockland section of the Bar Harbor.

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