Another Festive Season, another Black and Blue Division title for The Green Bay Packers.

Last year, the Aaron Rodgers drama was a return from a broken collarbone, and a last-minute, fourth-and-long victory in Chicago.  This year, the Aaron Rodgers drama was a touchdown pass to Randall Cobb off a cramping leg, a cart ride to the locker room, and a return to play in the third quarter.  Followed by another touchdown pass to Randall Cobb, and on the next scoring opportunity, this generation's version of "31 Wedge and I'll carry the ball."

But before that series started, television showed Mr Rodgers stroking some gentleman's beard.  The Lions, however, contributed to their own undoing, with center Dominic Raiola serving a suspension after accidentally on purpose stepping on a Chicago Bear, and during the game defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh accidentally on purpose stepped on Aaron Rodgers, which means he's suspended for the wild card game at Dallas.

Last year, it was Detroit and Minnesota conducting purges of Stalinesque proportions.  At the time, I  speculated about Dr. Strangelove, too intellectual for Chicago.  And this year, the purge of Stalinesque proportions is in Chicago.

The Packers will next play in the division round of the playoffs.

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