I can't even publish a holiday cheer story without the cultural rot creeping in.
When Pete Robinson first discovered the damage that vandals had done, he had to stop and think whether to continue to operate the Holiday Lights Train this season.

After about 10 minutes, however, he got to work. With the help of about 10 friends, he was able to repair some of what he estimates is $20,000 in damage to the various displays, lights and other set pieces around the one-quarter scale Waterman & Western Railroad in Waterman Lions Park.

“If these people want to be the Grinch that tried to steal Christmas, they’ll have to go someplace else to steal it,” Robinson said Thursday. “My wife [Charleen] and I already made the decision we’re going to continue.”
The vandalism took place the weekend of December 13-14.

Come Friday, December 19, there were two trains running, with substantial turnout to ride, and to donate.

There's also a Go Fund Me appeal, to crowd-source the cost of repairing the illuminations.

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