When the Perpetually Aggrieved insist on "dialogue" or a "conversation" it's usually a request to shut up and be harangued.  The American Thinker's Christopher Chantrill responds in kind.
Here's a conversation for you. We've been having this liberal “conversation” about race, man and boy, for about half a century, in which, nobody gets a word in edgewise except white liberal hypocrites and black racists, and about which most Americans are fed up to the back teeth. And where has it got us? It's got us from the race riots of the Sixties in the inner cities – from which the inner cities never recovered – to a nice little race riot in the St. Louis suburbs. And the significant thing about the Ferguson race riot is that the white Democratic governor of the state of Missouri didn't dare send in the National Guard until the day after the rioters had burned the place down. Because liberal conversations about race.

That's some result from fifty years of liberal race politics. The governor doesn't dare keep the peace until after the peace has been broken by “peaceful protesters,” the “young people who were organizing” to make sure that any “trust between law enforcement and some of these communities” was utterly destroyed.
It's not just the diversity hustlers and ward-heeler politicians that have set him off, rather he's calling out the totality of deconstructing the institutions.
Here's the conversation that every non-liberal in the nation is having right now. They are saying: so this is what electing the first black president is all about. We progress from riots in the inner cities to riots in the suburbs.

Here's what homeowners are thinking. They are thinking: as soon as blacks get within ten blocks of my house I'm moving before the riots come to a street near me and my home is worth bupkis.

But I have a particular conversation that I want to have with the folks in the late lamented Emerging Democratic Majority. To Hispanics, I want to say: this is where 50 years of being the little darlings of the liberals gets you. Riots and mayhem and TANF and SNAP and EBT and fatherless boys and crime and thuggery. Go ahead, Hispanics: get the Dems to deliver on amnesty; then dump them. You'll do just fine in the Republican Party.

To women I want to say: have you heard from your liberal great-aunts that aren't grandmothers because they never had any children? Or the women that got drugged into the Sixties sexual revolution and are still angry about the sexual abuse they suffered? And the “choice” that means you mourn the child you aborted for the rest of your life? Women are also the little darlings of the liberals for years. What difference, at this point, does it make?
It's not quite The Gods of the Copybook Headings with fire and slaughter return. Yet.

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