Years ago, the American Coaster Enthusiasts' Roller Coaster ran a short story involving several young coaster enthusiasts, lost on the back roads somewhere near the Ohio - Pennsylvania border, who heard the sound of a distant roller coaster that, upon investigation, had an amazing first drop and some subsequent features to deliver sinful souls to Satan.  It wasn't their time, which is why their story was able to be told.

Now comes the Euthanasia Coaster.
Here’s how the world’s oddest suicide method would work: First the rider would face a long, slow climb up to more than 500 meters, giving him or her a few minutes to think back on life and contemplate the decision. At the top, there would be time to say a prayer or blow a kiss to relatives (or bail) before pressing the “Fall” button and plummeting into the long steep plunge followed by the first 360-degree loop. That’s where most riders would die. According to [inventor Julijonas] Urbonas, traveling at 100 meters per second, the person would experience a G-force-induced loss of consciousness due to cerebral hypoxia (lack of oxygen reaching the brain), which often causes a sense of euphoria. Just in case that first one didn’t do it, six more consecutive loops would finish the job.
The concept, not surprisingly, does not appeal to more mainstream death-with-dignity advocates.
No surprise the idea’s attracted no commercial interest, though perhaps it will end up being featured in some futuristic, scary movie. The debate around the right to die is already contentious enough without trying to turn it into a show.
Just modify the plot slightly, move the loops underground, and the screenplay has already been written.

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