We noted Chicago State University failing to attract students, and cancelling classes in a manner that the pre-Amtrak passenger train operators can only envy.  Chicago State faculty note that a similar scrubbing of class schedules took place on the other side of Chicago, at Northeastern Illinois. " At Northeastern Illinois University, a number of adjunct faculty are taking—at great risk to themselves—a leading role in both organizing efforts and mobilizing students to protest arbitrary and capricious course cancellations by their administration."  Chicago State and Northeastern are institutions particularly exposed to Our President's community college subsidies.  (Decision making goes on at the margin: does anybody seriously expect Truman College to poach students from Northwestern?)  Many of the cancellations at Chicago State and at Northeastern are general education courses, precisely what the community colleges claim to be adept at offering (and with a full slate of offerings through the day and evening with those working adults in mind.)  I wonder when the Illinois Board of Higher Education will stop hassling religious colleges and look again at the utility of the state institutions whose budget requests they review.

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