A University of Michigan student gets it.  Sleep as a Strategic Resource.
I believe that the corporate world can and should shed this toxic notion that “sleep is for the weak” for the benefit of individuals, organizations and the economy as a whole. A better, healthier approach to sleep will ensure that organizations are getting the best performance out of its human capital.  However elementary, proper sleep is the best measure to prevent a fatigued or stressed out work force.
Yes, and the transportation companies in particular are catching on that sleep-deprived railroaders or truck drivers are a hazard to themselves and everyone else.  And if businesses can turn off the telepressure, that's probably a good thing.
Checking work related emails late into the night has been cited as a cause for sleep deprivation by some.  Set limits on how late emails can be sent or at least set limits on how late people should be expected to respond to emails.
I had the will-power to go cold turkey on electronic mail from 5 pm until the next noon, and the luxury while in work of being able to inform people that that was my schedule, and to get away with it.  I understand that not everyone has that freedom, but a little assertiveness toward protecting your own time isn't all bad.

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