The South Shore Line: a different kind of fast emergency package service.  Before Federal Express, you could bring your shipment to the passenger agent, and it would go out in the baggage compartment of the next available train, or perhaps in the merchandise despatch trailer.

South Shore baggage trailer 503 at Michigan City, 19 April 1963

On today's railroad, there are no baggage compartments on any coaches (with all the airport, Notre Dame, and weekender traffic, that's something to consider changing) and the baggage trailers, recycled from Indiana Service Corporation cars, are in museums.

That doesn't mean the end of courier service and just-in-time delivery.
The LaPorte Metro Operations Unit says the South Shore Railroad is frequently used to transport heroin and cocaine to and from both locations. Metro Operations Commander Harlan Williams tells The (Munster) Times that the sellers appear to be normal commuters who keep the drugs hidden in bags or on their person.
In some cases, hidden in a dangerous way.  Apparently, law enforcement have been watching this interstate commerce on the interurban for some time.  No word on whether the faster trains will become the vehicle of choice for future couriers.

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