The Badger Herald investigates why it's frequently Standing Room Only on Madison's buses.  There has been one bus garage, that was state-of-the-art for the late 1970s, when it replaced a former streetcar barn on the far east side.  But you can't just park buses on side streets, they require cleaning and servicing.
The city’s bus garage was meant to house 160 buses, Madison Metro Transit spokesperson Mick Rusch said.

Today, the building, located on 1101 East Washington Avenue, is home to 214 buses, Rusch said. That number does not include the 17 paratransit vans and the additional service vehicles and pick-up trucks that are also held at the garage.
Thus there are plans to build a second bus garage (I want to say car station, but that's my Milwaukee Electric background) elsewhere on the far east side.

And what have I been saying about the incompatibility of authorities and amenities?  Apparently Madison Metro held onto some of its older buses, as a kind of rolling archive, but to free up space in the bus garage, all but one of those buses was sold at auction.

Badger Herald photograph by Erik Brown.

That may be one of the motor buses that replaced Madison's single-truck Birney Safety Cars.

At least one of the others is in a collection used to properly back-date Hollywood movies set in the World War II or The America that Worked(TM) eras.

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