The Northern Star obtains the non-conference guarantees for the 2015 Northern Illinois football program.  On net, football stands to trim its operating deficit by $555,000.  Nevada - Las Vegas gets $300K to cover this year's travel expenses, a reciprocal transaction to 2014 when Northern Illinois traveled.  Murray State gets $395K.
The Huskies aren’t scheduled to make a future trip to Murray State, hence a larger payout than the one given to the Rebels, which was a home-and-home series. The away schools tend to get a higher monetary payment when the home teams don’t make a return trip because there’s the loss of a chance for the original road team to make money and get exposure off of a home game, [athletic director Sean] Frazier said.
Murray State would like to get additional visibility for its program.

Arguably, Northern Illinois also does, and Ohio State provides visibility and $900K.
The Buckeyes boast a trio of quarterbacks in Braxton Miller, J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones who could start for nearly any team in the country, but none has been named the starter yet. When the five-time defending MAC West champion Huskies play their first road game of the season they’ll look to take Ohio State’s money and a victory.

“Northern Illinois [is] a great program, very strong,” said Martin Jarmond, Ohio State executive associate athletic director in charge of football scheduling. “How many other schools in the country can say that they played in their conference championship game five years in a row? I think Northern Illinois, they’re right up there. They’re as tough as anybody on our non-conference schedule. They’re a quality program that’s used to winning.”
Give Ohio State credit: strong mid-major teams have trouble scheduling these early games because the hosting team can't be sure their guarantee buys them a big win to embellish those poll rankings.

Last up, the beginning of a home-and-home with Boston College.
The Huskies will collect a $350,000 check from Boston College for their trip to Chestnut Hill, Mass., for their final non-conference game on Sept. 26.

The Golden Eagles are scheduled to make a return trip to DeKalb on Sept. 23, 2016, or Sept. 2, 2017. They’ll get $300,000 from the Huskies, which is $50,000 less than their check to NIU because the Huskies incurred added costs to move a previously scheduled game to fit Boston College into their schedule. The Huskies were scheduled to host Wyoming on Sept. 26, 2015, but they moved that game to Sept. 11, 2021.
There may still be people in headquarters hoping to get a midwestern version of the Flutie Effect, in which a spectacular Boston College win boosted future enrollments.  There was a bit of an Orange Bowl effect, but the applicants were marginal.

But the Star buried the lede.
“We feel that our brand and our brand of football is respected nationally,” Frazier said. “And we should be respected with a compensation number that’s worthy of who we are as an institution as well as a football program.”
You mean it has something to do with money, protestations of amateur sports notwithstanding?

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