The Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company issued what it called "the most liberal transfer in existence."  (Punch mine a little long because I have to go to Eleventh and Schuster's!)

For years, the Company, and successor The Milwaukee and Suburban Transportation Company, and the county operator of the buses also issued hand-crafted weekly passes.

Just the thing for Milwaukee Brewers opening day.

Or a plug for the tennis courts at the County Parks.

That reference to "single fare area" means that, yes, a Milwaukeean could find himself in the position of Boston Charlie, if he didn't have the nickel required for the outer zone.  And a separate ticket for the interurban or the Wisconsin Motor Bus is required to get between Milwaukee and Racine.

But a cardboard pass, no matter how prettily printed, is not compatible with a magnetic-strip farecard (or whatever the current prepaid fare-collection method is.)  And thus the printed passes are going away.

I wonder, though, whether someone in the transit authority will figure out a way to incorporate such designs in smart-phone icons, in case fare collection migrates to those.

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