To repeat, as repeat I must: we'll know that our leaders are serious about primitivism masquerading as religion when mocking the jihadis becomes part of the campaign.  William Levinson suggests doing so might even reduce the violence.
Psychological warfare, therefore, involves the planned and scientific use of images to win the Propaganda Man's [John Q. Public -- ed.] support.  The purpose of these images is not, like a Charlie Hebdo or Doonesbury cartoon, to entertain.  Their purpose is to win wars, and preferably before the first shot is fired.
Doesn't even have to be that scientific.  Ronald Reagan probably did more to mock the pretensions of "scientific socialism" by referring to a "Mickey Mouse" system than the most learned of calculation problem arguments did.

It helps, though, to have the proper jocular spirit, to borrow from Mr Levinson.

"What do you get when you bomb a Palestinian hospital, school, or mosque?"

"Secondary explosions."

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