Never mind the way identity politics puts people at odds with each other, unnecessarily.  It's the paradigm in higher education, thus business as usual at Northern Illinois University.
Applications for the chief diversity officer, who is expected to make $100,000 to $175,000, will be reviewed Friday, said Provost Lisa Freeman.

Despite NIU’s uncertainty surrounding next year’s state allocation, interviews for a pool of eight to 10 candidates are going to be conducted off-campus on April 17 and 18, Freeman said. The chief diversity officer will have a broad role, Freeman said, but he or she is expected to improve university relations and impose diverse courses infused with multicultural lenses.
I hope that last sentence is a pardonable transcription error in a student reporter unfamiliar with the rhetoric of identity politics.  If it's not, I await a faculty response asserting their control of the curriculum ... I'm likely to wait a long time.  Especially because it appears that headquarters is doubling down on business as usual ... no radical repositioning in such a way as might get higher ed's critics to back off.
“Critical” positions that relate to NIU President Doug Baker’s vision for career readiness have been allowed to go forward during a “soft freeze” on hiring in the university, such as advising and positions essential for the accreditation of an academic program, Freeman said.

The chief diversity officer’s position is critical because efforts to coordinate diversity on campus will help with student retention, attract the best faculty, help with community relations, make NIU more attractive to students and help with enrollment, Freeman said.

An associate vice provost, vice provost for special projects and deputy provost positions have been eliminated to make room for the chief diversity officer, Freeman said.

“We don’t automatically allow the refill of positions as they come open, but we do take a look at positions and allow important or critical hires to go forward,” Freeman said.
Nonsense. In the whole, and in its parts. The way to attract the best faculty is with the proper job description and proper compensation. With those, three deanlets more or less might matter at the margin.  Without those, three deanlets more or less are as nothing.

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