If you're going to run against Washington as a Republican, Timothy Carney suggests, run against Washington.
The New York Times, Associated Press, and CBS aren't going to care or notice that Clinton is totally out of line with the middle of the country on late-term abortion, the health-insurance mandate or her support for inheritance taxes. Attack her cronyism, though, and you can sink into the consciousness of the press.

It's a matter of speaking the Left's language — concerns about special interests, the people versus the powerful and a rigged game. Suddenly, the left-leaning media can understand.

This strategy is simple, but that doesn't make it easy. It requires a Republican who's willing to forswear corporate welfare, upset his or her lobbyist friends with some populist rhetoric, and lose some corporate donors. Is any Republican willing to do that?

If not, they're ignoring Hillary's greatest weakness.
It's not just the Left's language. "Bipartisanship" is the political class working together to fleece taxpayers.

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