Michael Walsh considers a re-centering of politics.
Can conservatism and libertarianism unite? Given the relative strength of both sides, it would seem that libertarians need conservatives more than vice versa. Were you to ask me, I would recommend taking the “Don’t Tread On Me” aspects of libertarianism, the Natty Bumppo philosophy of not calling oneself subject to much of anything at all, and combining it with the rich history of western culture (too often, libertarians appear to be half-educated children, disporting themselves among the ruins of a culture they don’t really understand) to create what would be a Back to the Future moment. If How We Got Here (our national narrative) could be repackaged and sold as Where We Are Going (a modified form of Reaganism), the Right would be a formidable force indeed.
Why does it matter? "The existential fight against the Left is far too important to be alienating any possible ally in the battle for the soul of America." Indeed.

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