Yeah, I use that heading a lot.  Here's the latest indictment, from Victor Davis Hanson.  "Modern American universities used to assume four goals."  One: the liberal arts curriculum, to build a proper intellectual foundation.  Two: Freedom to play with ideas.  Three: preparation for a career as a knowledge worker.  Four:  Reasonable prices.

All gone.  "The American undergraduate university is now failing on all four counts." Yes, and too many graduate programs are turning out cheap and contingent labor to sit all hours in front of a computer allegedly delivering online instruction.

I see a disconnect, though, between Mr Hanson's rather conventional list of reforms and his conclusion that "classically liberal solutions" will fix "illiberal problems."

I concur, though, with this. "Diversity might be better redefined in its most ancient and idealistic sense as differences in opinion and thought rather than just variety in appearance, race, gender or religion." Indeed. And I've long been on record that the most effective way to achieve unity in diversity is to give students demanding professors to push against.

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