Call it a college bubble update, or call it yet another reason for me to have walked away.  Welcome the associate vice president for process improvement and operational effectiveness.
The newly-created position, which reports to the vice president of Administration and Finance, will collaborate across campus to develop the strategy and implementation for process engineering efforts at NIU, working with senior leadership to assess gaps in current systems and prioritize enhancements in order to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
If that's not enough Dilbert-speak for the day, the announcement also includes a job description with the obligatory superflous colon and typography for dummies. Sample: "Provide leadership in identifying opportunities for continuous quality improvement and advocate for effective solutions that can be realized through process re-engineering."  Plenty more business-jargon cotton candy at the release, if you want.

Meanwhile, three positions have been vacated in the economics department.  Whether there will be even one search is not yet known.

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