Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, now seeking the Democrat nomination as an honest socialist, envisions a resolution of the latest intramural dispute among Moslems that does not involve the United States.

Wouldn't it be nice if that "engage and defeat" took the form of a Vermont town meeting, or perhaps we'd see learned imams respecting the best traditions of scholastic inquiry.  The reality is likely to be messier.  Michael Kennedy of Chicago Boyz is less optimistic. "We are on the verge of a massive human catastrophe, one that the world has not seen since the fall of the Soviet Union or, in terms of percentage, since the fall of Rome." He's referring either to massive migrations of people, or to the "s*** hits the fan" scenario as all civil authority breaks down.  Also at Chicago Boys, Sgt Mom warns that the Islam-distorters, as the senator would so delicately have it, intend to implement their vision on the Christian and secular world, once they've restored the seventh century across North Africa and the Levant.  But that implementation, as Richard (Belmont Club) Fernandez observes, is not going to be a town meeting in Dummerston or a concord in Damascus.
To a cynic, what follows next is quite simple:  to be the winner stand back and watch while the Arabian peninsula, Levant and North Africa destroys itself. Take every opportunity to make it worse. Clearly a humanitarian catastrophe of unprecedented scale will result. Hundreds of thousands are already dead and millions of displaced persons are on the road. That will only grow in scale and number to millions of dead and tens of millions of refugees.  Therefore steps like preparing to sink the people smuggling boats, as the EU is doing, are in order.

If you can stomach it, it can work like a charm.
But to not stomach it, and to Do Something about it, is suicidal.
Our intellectual milieu is so “progressive” that we are progressing straight toward civilizational extinction. The spectacle of a Europe undergoing its own species of social, political and economic “convulsions,” its inability to assimilate the millions of Muslims who are transforming Europe into what Oriana Fallaci in The Rage and the Pride regarded as an abattoir-in-the-making, its impotence before the spiralling Muslim crime rate and appalling rape statistics, its evident helplessness in the face of Sharia enforcement and ongoing terrorist atrocities, and its presiding over the depletion of its welfare budgets exploited by a parasitical Islamic presence — all this counts for little to the liberal/left constituency. Europe’s moral duty, apparently, is to mutate out of all recognition, to betray the legitimate rights and normative expectations of its own native citizens, and ultimately to abolish itself.
But the end of a half-century of the south Mediterranean tribes being contained by warlords or by distant emperors is one part of a larger secular challenge in the United States.
Our country’s policies overseas are falling apart, while at home our society stagnates and turns tribal — with a growing and embittered underclass, a shrinking and angry middle class, and a plutocratic and apartheid elite who, as absolution for their privilege, are desperate to praise in the abstract what they so studiously avoid in the concrete.
Is it too soon for the pitchforks and torches?

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