When a tornado destroys an older community, such as Fairdale, Illinois, owners confront contemporary building code and zoning restrictions that preclude an in-kind replacement.  DeKalb County officials will be dealing with the situation.
The county has announced a schedule to supply information to Fairdale residents who plan to rebuild, but rezoning issues must be addressed first because before the April 9 tornado, many of the buildings and land did not conform to the some of the current zoning regulations.

The County Board is in the process of rezoning the entire community of about 150 people to a mixed use development, which will allow the County Board to tailor zoning regulations to allow residents to rebuild without compromising public health, safety and welfare, according to a news release.

A public hearing for rezoning will be held at 7 p.m. June 18 in the multipurpose room of the DeKalb County Health Department, 2574 N. Annie Glidden Road.

Environmental health practitioners also are evaluating wells and septic systems, the news release states.

On July 1, the county Planning and Zoning Committee will meet to consider the rezoning. The meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. at the county Legislative Center in Sycamore, 200 N. Main St. A special meeting of the DeKalb County Board to take action of the rezoning by ordinance will follow.If the County Board approves the rezoning, residents could immediately begin submitting applications for building permits under the new regulations, according to the news release.
Rebuildings might not be precisely in-kind, but neither will people be compelled to replicate yet another outer suburb.

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