Yes, I'm still paying attention to the investigation of Amtrak 188's crash.

There's infrastructure work of a more cheerful kind to report.

Cold Spring Shops headquarters is a train room concealed under a ranch house.  There's an all-season sunroom with a western exposure and a crawl space underneath.  That space is not suited to running trains, but it's now insulated against the frozen ground that seems to be plaguing us from November into April.

With that done, work continues installing the drop ceiling and preparing to install tracks into the southwest corner of the house.

Work on the railroad began with the uppermost track at right; with the ceiling in place and bracing installed in front of the crawl space, those tracks will continue into that corner.

On the northeast corner, I'm working on a believable representation of Cockwood Harbour, just down the Exe River from Starcross.

But do I model the harbour with the tide out and the boats careened?

Or is it more eye-catching with the tide in?


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