Last week Wednesday, two Swiss freight trains collided in Erstfeld.  The article reports that beer and cosmetics deliveries were delayed, and service on the Gotthard Pass line was disrupted.

Unattributed 20minuten photograph.

Even at low speeds, a derailing train can wreak havoc on the tracks.

Unattributed 20minuten photograph.

Yes, that's a container train at right.  They don't have the mass of our double-stacks, or the 53 foot containers, but the dispatchers will roll them at speeds worthy of passenger trains.

On Saturday, sadder news.  A train operated by a German regional operator collided with a farm wagon near Ibbenbüren.  The wagon stalled on the tracks.  (We have this problem with semis in the States too.)  The farmer jumped clear.  Two passengers died on the train, a lightweight multiple-unit car.  If one of our suburban light-rail cars hits a farm wagon, the results might be similarly sad.

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