Even tattoo artists have them.

The back-story: some youngster decides to flaunt her transgressivity by getting ink on her neck. The tattooist says no, and it becomes Christian-pizzeria-oppressing-marginalized people among the avant -garde
As all tattooers know, a neck or hand tattoo is a big commitment, and traditionally are reserved for those heavily covered and ready to confront society on a daily basis as a heavily tattooed person. Although tattoos are more accepted now than ever, we are still judged daily for our appearance. A hand or neck tattoo may mean the difference between that next job or promotion, and also may spur daily judgmental looks and harassing comments from strangers as many of my friends have experienced. It’s not a thing to be taken lightly and I long ago drew an ethical line in the sand for myself as professional tattooer to turn down “job stoppers” on those who are not already committed to living as a heavily tattooed person. If I was to make the decision again today, I would still say no. I hope for her sake she does not get judged as harshly for her new neck tattoo as she judged myself and the staff of New York Adorned upon walking into our shop.
Evolutionary stability, forsooth! The world might be more receptive to transgressivity than it used to be, and yet the new dispensation has not yet displaced the old.

The tattooist himself might never have had a course in game theory, and yet his intuition is spot on.
I myself am still collecting tattoos, and do not have hand or neck tattoos yet. I have been tattooing for eight years and will consider getting both hands done after 10 years of service. Why? I take this ancient art form seriously. I take my craft seriously. I take the time-honored traditions of tattooing seriously. Traditions and respect that we are losing daily to a new petulant culture screaming “gimme now!” and treating tattooers with the same disrespect they wrongly just waged at the last Starbucks barista who made their latte. I won’t be part of it and I refuse to support it.
Interesting, that's almost calling the "petulant culture" out for unearned privileges??

Insta Pundit picked up the story; the culture-warrior commentary is by Ed Driscoll and Ace if you're interested.  Give Mr Driscoll the Trenchant Observation of the Day. " I doubt there are many things a tattooist will say no to. When he comes across as the calm, reasoned grownup in your story, it just might be time reevaluate your worldview."  Quite.

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