So well, apparently, that it's becoming a good place to be from. "A new study shows that nearly 60 percent of Winnebago County voters would move out of Illinois if money and family were not an issue."  That's a telephone survey of 317 respondents, thus the margin of error is likely to be large, and selection biases present.  The details, however, might signal something.
When asked if their perception of high crime in Rockford limits the things that they can do, more than 60 percent of people said that they do not believe their families are affected. However, black people and liberals believe they are more affected.

More than half of the county's registered voters believe that our schools are leaving students unprepared for college and the workforce and nearly 70 percent are in support of replacing traditional high schools with college and career academies.
But if Cook County is a harbinger, Winnebago County residents have much to look forward to.
The latest proof of this is a sales tax hike, passed just days ago, which raised the Cook County sales tax from 9.25% to 10.25% in one day.  This means every person in the county, poor and rich, will have another one percent of his disposable income taken by Cook County public workers.  And to add insult to injury, the County Board president, [Toni] Preckwinkle, admits that 90% of the tax hike will go to pay the pensions of the lovely Democrats who run the county.  So poor and middle-class residents of the county will suffer just so the hotshots of the Democratic Party, the party so devoted to elevating the incomes of the minimum wage earners, can sit on their butts and enjoy their huge pensions, all at the expense of the poor and working classes, the exact thing they accuse rich Republicans of doing.  Only Republicans haven’t run any big Midwestern or Northeastern cities for eighty years.  Only Democrats have.

Wake up, those who vote for socialist Democrats.  You’ve been had.
No ... the Democrat constituencies, if the survey is any indication, are more likely to suffer from high crime and crappy schools, and thus perhaps more likely to migrate.  Cowbirds in search of new nests to foul.

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