When the Sillies destroy Roman and other pre-Mohammed monuments, the culturati call it vandalism.

When the Perpetually Aggrieved pronounce anathema on the Northern Virginia battle flag or Jefferson-Jackson Day or a monument to Cecil Rhodes, that's just Social Progress.

Fortunately, we have Reason's Brendan O'Neill referring to the Sillies as "whackjobs" and the Perpetually Aggrieved as "young hotheads."  And he calls out one of the favorite weenie words of the culturati.
Problematic is to the intolerant PC brigade what "haram" is to Islamists — it's used to brand things that are wicked, and which should ideally be No Platformed or Safe Spaced out of existence. The activists' casual conflation of speech with violence—or rather, of walking by a statue with feeling assaulted—speaks to the terrifying Orwellianism that has much of the Western student body in its grip.
I can't speak for the Islamists, but when I hear an academic weenie use "problematic" I translate it as, "I don't like this but would prefer not to debate the aesthetics or the moral system." Put another way, it's an empty attempt to sound educated. Let the beclowning continue.

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