It's long been a theme of mine that the cult of the presidency is destructive, and Governance By Wise Experts runs afoul of the dictum that complex adaptive systems will do pretty much what they d**n well please.  More recently, I conjectured, "It may take the failure of one or more of the New Deal or Great Society or Hope and Change constructions to trigger the emergence" of attempts to roll both back.  Sometimes the emergence emerges from unexpected quarters.  Consider a conjecture from Nation regular William Greider.
What we may be witnessing are the initial stages in the gradual breakdown of the imperial presidency. Since World War II, the presidency steadily assumed greater powers in both war and peace, while Congress generally surrendered its prerogatives and powers. The executive branch is no longer held accountable for unconstitutional sins and egregious policy disasters.

For two generations, both parties and both houses of Congress mostly went along with this debasement of the governing order. Letting the White House made the big decisions and take the blame if things go wrong became the standard default.

However, the country has now reached a difficult passage where the imperial decision-making no longer works for common good but pulls the country into deeper quagmires. The nation goes to war on false premises and can’t get out of fighting more wars. Government embraces narrow-minded economic doctrines that make things worse for most people, year after year, and yet deferential politicians seem afraid to challenge the domination of smug elites.
The Congressional rebellion that piqued Mr Greider's interest was a recent rebellion by House Democrats against a trade deal, something that the mercantilist left views as a corporatist plot to immiserate workers.  And the "narrow-minded economic doctrine" Mr Greider objects to generally sails under the rubric of "neo-liberalism" but the argument might be offered with equal force toward the tax-spend-regulate Welfare Economics Paradigm.

That Our President responded to Congress asserting its Constitutional prerogatives in the style of a caudillo is a bonus.

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