The Karlson Brothers Circus made its third exhibition of the 2015 season, this time for the circus professionals at the Worldwide Circus Summit 2015.

For a number of the circus professionals and the circus enthusiasts who organized the Summit, it was their first encounter with the world of circus modelling ... and some of the participants brought extremely well-crafted displays of parades or circus lots.

I brought my train and model-building workshop in the usual manner.

Here's the conference banner.

Present throughout the show, members of Windjammers Unlimited, enthusiastic re-enactors of the great circus bands of the travelling shows of days gone by.  "Doubled in brass" referred to a circus trouper who could also play a trumpet or trombone to augment the band, or bands.

The full band put on a concert in advance of last Wednesday's performance by Cole Brothers Circus.  Summit participants were aware of this concert, it came as an extra treat for early-arriving purchasers of general admission tickets.

Yes, that's under a big top.  I have pictures of set-up and tear-down, perhaps for another day.  Cole Brothers still offer an elephant act ... the pachyderms on loan from Carson and Barnes ... and at intermission children of all ages can buy elephant rides.

That's the Worldwide Circus Summit logo on the elephant's headpiece.  The pachyderm performance preceded the human cannonball toward the end of the show.  Ever see an elephant dance a cha-cha?  And the world we live in ... a standing ovation for an elephant act is a political statement.

Whether circuses of the future will have performing animals remains to be seen ... there are several shows that have dropped such acts.  But there's always opportunity for juggling or tumbling or the aerial arts or the tragedies and annoyances of ordinary life that provide structure for the clowns, and several troupes of young people presented their stuff.  Here's their curtain call as the final plenary act of the summit.

Then it was time to tear down, load out, attend the model builders' dinner, and see you on down the road.

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