Wesleyan University is notorious as a hot-house for radical chic, but shutting down the remaining fraternities might be inducing alumni to shut their checkbooks. "Our year-over-year giving has fallen to the low 40% to high 30% range…[and] we had approximately 400 [sic] fewer donors than the prior year (9,712 v. 10,209) due primarily to the number of alumni who did not renew their gifts."  Sex-drugs-'n-rock-'n-roll, but only in the commune?

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Dr. Tufte said...

This was the philosophy of the SUNY system forty years ago. The message they got out of the 60's and the riots was that they wanted universities with very little in the way of sports or Greeks. I'm not sure how they made that connection, but they ended up with schools with no alumni support.