I've long suspected that the Illinois Department of Transportation doesn't consider the lives of local citizens when it schedules road work.  Rockford public officials provide confirmation.
In an effort to help motorists and the roads they drive on, Stateline Leaders are trying something different with the Illinois Department of Transportation.

It’s summer which means road construction can be seen all throughout Rockford. In order to make sure we stay up to date on these current and future projects, State Representative John Cabello believes we need to have better communication with the Illinois Department of Transportation.

“When there’s issues on a construction site, like there have been in certain areas of this city, we can streamline fixing those problems, but we can’t do that if we don’t know each other,” says Cabello.

That’s why Cabello is holding an open house at RMAP on North Main Street, so both the public and city leaders could meet IDOT’s Region 2 engineer Paul Loete.

“It’s important for us to make sure the public understands that when we select a project, we select it based on need and the level of traffic that’s on the roadway,” said Loete.
Apparently, though, without regard to the rhythms of daily life in the neighborhood.  We can count on projects beginning in the DeKalb area sometime in August, making the return to Northern Illinois University more difficult.  But all summer, it's uninterrupted travel on lightly travelled roads.  And a few years ago, the I-DOT, in its wisdom, decided to repair severa east-west mile roads in the northern suburbs of Chicago simultaneously.    (And too often, the department responds to "need" by adding extra lanes that are soon congested, and installing more traffic lights that will delay you for two minutes at each intersection, but boy do they provide the left turn lanes for the backed-up traffic.)

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