The administration at Marquette University has more than a little of the Spanish Inquisition about it.  In addition to attempting to discharge John McAdams for cause, they have tossed more than one diversity hustler brought into the university without the protections of tenure.  One of those individuals is former director of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center Susannah Bartlow.  The Perpetually Aggrieved are taking up a collection.  Here's Professor McAdams offering the effort a backhanded compliment.
That being the case, Marquette owed her a reasonable severance package. We won’t contribute, although only because we would accused of some nefarious purpose if we did so. But we think certain Marquette administrators should step up and see that this campaign reaches the goal.
There are undoubtedly plenty of deanlets and deanlings working in the area of student affairs and the rest of the freakazoid coalition to make it so.

But why, dear reader, does the freakazoid hegemony persist in higher education?

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