The back story during coverage of an exciting Pittsburgh Steelers invading San Diego (the Chargers next appearing at Lambeau Field late Sunday afternoon, thus I would have stayed up late scouting even in the event of a less compelling finish) included the possibility of the Los Angeles Chargers (back to the old American Football League) or Los Angeles Rams (back to the even older All-America Conference first time a Cleveland team left town, see comments) or Los Angeles Raiders (that worked so well that Al Davis's successors moved them back to Oakland.)
Mayor Kevin Faulconer met for 45 minutes on Monday with Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney II, the fourth member of a six-owner NFL special committee focused on Los Angeles franchise relocations that Faulconer has met with since late September.

The goal, as it was with the first three meetings, was making the case for keeping the Chargers in San Diego directly to the NFL owners with the greatest influence over the league’s decision about whether the Chargers, Rams or Raiders move to L.A., Faulconer said.
Apparently the 31 owners in the league would like to have a presence in Los Angeles, and there are at least three teams either not doing as well at the box office as the owners would like, or at least three owners who would like to hold up the taxpayers for a new stadium subsidy.  But in the comments to the article, there is some push-back from San Diegans about crumbling public capital that ought be fixed first.


Squints said...

It was the 49ers and not the Rams who were in the old AAFC, Professor. The Rams were an NFL team in Cleveland and moved out west in 1945 or so, right before the AAFC started up.

Stephen Karlson said...

Thanks for catching that.