Vic Brown of Phi Beta Cons does not like the vibe of entrepreneurial students selling class notes.
We are constantly told that university classrooms are arenas for debate, airing of differing points of view, and learning from the diversity of viewpoints that the schools so carefully cultivate through their recruiting. It seems that, in these courses at least, none of these wonderful things are happening, and the students are throwing tuition money down the drain.

My suggestion to Florida State and other universities is to find out which courses are supporting the growing notes-selling business, terminate the instructors for non-performance, and hire from the legions of available would-be professors who just want the opportunity to teach effectively and whose courses students will want to attend.
Bloomberg characterize the emergent business as something new, but it's the presence of information technologies that allow the entrepreneurs to scale up and serve multiple colleges.  There were note-taking services operated by individuals, and organized by the Wisconsin Student Association, during my undergraduate days in Madison, which means back while there still was a Penn Central Railroad.

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