There's no money at Northern Illinois University for faculty hires, but a director of diversity is another matter.  And yes, administrative revealed preferences do not sit well with the faculty, who are suffering through something called "program prioritization" that has to rank degree programs, and perhaps other academic and non-academic activities, with a view to yanking up to a fifth of them.

But with Hallowe'en coming, it's obligatory to pronounce anathema on all sorts of costumes.
What is not considered fun, however, are costumes that reinforce negative and inaccurate stereotypes about any group. Costumes that contribute to ethnic, racial, religious or sexual stereotypes only exacerbate the problem and do not contribute to a genuine understanding or individual persons and cultures.

For example, many Halloween stores this year are selling costumes packaged for couples who would dress as both the 1970s version of Bruce Jenner as well as the Vanity Fair cover photo of Caitlin Jenner. While those outfits might make some laugh, members of the transgender community are unlikely to find their sexuality as an appropriate basis for a Halloween costume.
Since when is Hallowe'en about "genuine understanding?"  It's about mocking the demons in advance of the Day of All Saints.  And the Perpetually Aggrieved, with their privileging of all that is over-the-top and freakazoid, offer plenty of demons to mock.  What's next, only Approved Hillary Costumes?  (Oh, wait.)  Hillary as Baba Yaga is more like it.  And you don't dare go as a Kardashian sister by padding your tush, that's body shaming.

But the director of diversity gets to issue a ukase.
“Many people think that it’s really OK to perpetuate or reinforce stereotypes through costumes. Halloween should not be viewed as that vehicle,” said Vernese Edghill-Walden, senior associate vice president for Academic Diversity and chief diversity officer.

“As a university, I believe we have a responsibility to educate and remind the larger community that this is a diverse community. We value what everyone brings to this community, and there’s a certain level of respect that we expect in this community,” she added. “Perpetuating stereotypes, diminishing of culture and false assumptions about people’s identity should not be celebrated during Halloween.”
And the illustrations that accompany the announcement suggest that celebrating the Sexy Librarian or the Hunky Firefighter are also out.

Fortunately, the university's Facebook posting of the article is taking a beating in the comments.

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