When you think Wisconsin's minimum markup law is crazy, remember that it could only be worse in Finland.  Finlanders can deal with four hours of daylight in November, but not with cheap pizza.
"Unless a pizza is on temporary sale there is no way a legitimate establishment can offer pizza for less than six euros," Det Insp Minna Immonen of the Uusimaa police department is quoted as saying. Police are trying to crack down on the "grey economy", which costs the country millions of euros in lost tax revenue each year. They also want people to make sure they get a receipt for their pizzas, regardless of value.
What kind of a pizza can you put together for less than six euros?  But where there is taxation, there is an underground economy.
Others are sceptical that the campaign will have any effect, with many blaming Finland's relatively high tax rates for the problem. "As long as the state 'steals' legitimately with high taxation, then companies will also steal from the government," says one user. Another complains that people are being used as "spies for the criminal investigators", writing: "Isn't it the police's responsibility to investigate this?"
Maybe that's why Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is taxing entertainments other than pizza first, all we need is the vice squad on the lookout for contraband deep-dish.

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