Push back against the self-despising capons.  Mitch Berg's Rules for the Paleo Man gets gentlemen started.  Go.  Read and understand.

John Kass suggests that the gun violence is not about High Policy or Abnormal Psychology. "Because for all the talk of gun control and rights and politics, the one thing I don't hear enough about is that our culture is ill."  Indeed not. "Give the toxins an opportunity to leach out, and the common culture will improve."

And here's today's encouraging development.  Washington Post columnist Danielle Larkins has been mugged by reality.
Larkins likes to throw around labels like “conservative” and scary concepts like “family values” without knowing what those terms actually mean. Because unlike the caricatures so common in the entertainment industry and in the mainstream media, these monikers really refer to people committed to raising children with a healthy respect for authority, their country, for duty and honor, discipline, sacrifice, and friendship. In other words, the very concepts endorsed by Ms. Larkins and whose disappearance she laments.
It took years to deconstruct the institutions that worked. It will take years to rebuild them. But the task of rebuilding will be easier, the more familiar people are with why those institutions worked, and the ways what took their place failed.

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