Illinois, are you listening?
With roundabouts, vehicle idle time is significantly reduced. Even when there is traffic in a roundabout (which isn’t uncommon during rush hour), they are still less damaging than stoplight intersections, which almost perennially have a queue of cars idling at any given moment. At most times of the day, roundabouts keep cars in constant motion, and eliminate the need to come to a full stop.
In fact, the design cycle of Illinois traffic lights, which rely on sensors to decide when to change the lights (guaranteeing that you'll get the green at one crossing and face a red at the next one) and how long to hold the left arrow at green (which stacks up traffic in all the other directions) guarantees maximum frustration and maximum energy waste in idling vehicles and vehicles re-starting.  Throw in a few 53 foot trailers and watch the aggravation level rise.  As it appears to be the fleet operators who are behind a Wisconsin legislator pushing to reduce the construction of roundabouts (or Massachusetts rotaries, the yield convention is the same) perhaps that's one more reason to require special movement permits for any 53 foot trailer, anywhere.

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