I'm referring to the allegations a bar-fly levelled at Chicago Blackhawk winger Patrick Kane.  At least one attorney for Mr Kane's accuser has already quit the case.

At the time the story broke, I was prepared to grant it some credence, noting only that Mr Kane, as an employee of the National Hockey League, would enjoy legal protections that would be denied a college athlete.  Girls, drinking, the protective cocoon for athletes?  Yes, still pitfalls for young people not yet accustomed to celebrity.

But because Mr Kane is subject to the presumption of innocence and the rest of the legal protections, he is still playing, the Blackhawks are still selling out the United Center, and Joel Quenneville is still behind the bench.

Had we been speaking of the Duke hockey team (yeah, that's a stretch, but stay with me) we'd probably have another academic rush to judgement to post about.

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