Laura Hollis, writing for Town Hall, is less than impressed with the overpriced hothouses for the freakazoid spawn of the priviligentsia.
Apparently, the very same demographic that whimpers in abject terror at the mere mention of "triggering" words like "rape," "ghetto," "crazy" and "illegal alien" (or catching a glimpse of "We the People") is resilient enough to endure an entire week dedicated to discussions and demonstrations of oral and anal sex, masturbation, sex toys, "feminist porn" (I'll leave the dichotomy there to the gender theorists), bondage and sadomasochism, whips and flogging, and threesomes. (And so much more!)
Perhaps it's all about the experimentation.  But the rot goes beyond the overpriced hothouses.  Fortunately, sometimes the students push back against the antics of the administrators.  A few days ago the dean of journalism at North Texas State was being a hazard to herself and everybody else, walking in the street (in a subdivision that has sidewalks!) and when the local police pointed this out, she decided to play various victim cards.  In doing so, she just made the job market more difficult for North Texas journalism students.
I’m agitated that Dorothy holds the position of our dean. After the way she’s handled herself, she is undeserving of the title. Although she’s bringing poor attention to my university, I will not let her discredit the degree I worked so hard for. It’s time to turn a bunch of negativity into something positive. It’s time to prove in the real world after graduation that our writing does not portray the piece written by Dorothy Bland.
Perhaps. On the other hand, perhaps part of the practice of journalism these days is ensuring that the story fits the received narrative.

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