What Thomas Sowell described as The Vision of the Anointed now becomes #liberalprivilege.  What both concepts share is self-congratulation as a flimsy foundation for policy.  Props to Kennesaw State sociologist Melvyn Fein, for fighting the good fight in the belly of the beast.
Liberals can destroy the economy, but hey, no one could have done better. They can undermine the national security, but at least they were showing the appropriate humility. They can drive their country into bankruptcy, but this only confirms their compassion.
Give Professor Fein props for privilege-checking the anointed.
Is this not privilege? Is it not a form of protection others do not obtain? Yet liberals consider it their due. They become huffy if their motives are questioned. Then they drive up truckloads of excuses they expect to be accepted without dissent. If this still doesn’t work, they attack their critics as playing politics (which, of course, they do not).

Nowadays, when publicly queried, liberals trot out focus group tested talking points. After this, they stonewall their questioner by changing the subject. But the full depth of their privilege is revealed when the public subsequently refuses to be outraged.
College Fix and College Insurrection picked up the column without further commentary. Perhaps in the past few days, though, as first Yale and then Missouri beclown themselves, there's a groundswell of public outrage against the privileges defenders of the dominant ethos in the academy have enjoyed.

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