A number of governors, primarily Republicans, are having none of Our President's plan to offer up to ten thousand refugees from Asia Minor residency in the United States. Pajamas Media's Robert Spencer sides with the governors. "Obama can’t vet the refugees, and they shouldn’t be allowed into the United States. The governors of the states that have already revolted are right; we can only hope that the other governors will soon join them." Reason's Ed Krayewski suggests, to the contrary, that such fears are overblown.
According to Philly Voice, most of the Syrian refugees so far have been settled in Michigan, Illinois, Texas, and California. The governors of the first three states are among those saying they will refuse more Syrian refugees. Yet none of them pointed to any specific problem, or hint of a problem, they've had with the limited amount of refugees they have taken so far.

The U.S. accepted 70,000 refugees in fiscal year 2013, down from 80,000 in fiscal year 2008. An additional 10,000 is not an overwhelming number. Because of the nature of refugees (people fleeing violence and persecution), they tend to come from countries with a poor security environment and sketchy datasets. Yet the federal government is capable of bringing them in. Of the numerous terrorist plots U.S. law enforcement says it's foiled, none has been used as critics of accepting Syrian refugees an example of refugees "infiltrating" the U.S.
It's an opportunity for the land of opportunity to encourage a new cohort of migrants to buy into America. Unfortunately, that's not what the boutique multiculturalists who make social policy are likely to go along with.  The refugees might be collateral damage to the ongoing culture wars.

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