The six months of outdoor season have passed.  Between the Chicago Black Hawks making a Stanley Cup run, and a little self-discipline, there's still progress to report on the railroad.

Some of last model railroad season's work involved site preparation, here insulating a crawl space that will be behind the railroad.

Once that's done, the next framing for the staging yard takes shape.

Then comes the sub-roadbed.  This goes faster when it's a sheet of 3/4" plywood rather than spline.

Next, some tracks, and a few train cars to check the alignment.  And some exercise, scrabbling below all to install wires.

Yes, there will be another level above, connecting to the section at the top of the picture.

Meanwhile, the spline continues to the east, here in the northeast corner of the room.

In the rear, there is a track in place (I work on the difficult sections first), then the roadbed for two tracks of the branch line, and a high line for the blast furnace, then two tracks of the main line, and three tracks for the steel mill.

With winter coming, the only outdoor chore to get in the way is the snow shovelling, which may be real soon.

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