Apparently the idiot leftists decided yesterday's San Bernardino shooting at a Christmas party was a good time to mock people who called for prayer.  (As if maintaining a devout silence about radical Islamic terrorism is going to make jihadis play nicely.)  The gospel truth, Reason's Nick Gillespie suggests, is that there's less gun violence in the United States, comprehensive regulation or not.
God is not "fixing" the problem of mass shootings—or any other policy issues that we face here in America and around the world. That is properly the province of men and women in the political and private spheres.

And the fact of the matter is that when it comes to gun-related violence, the situation today remains far better than it was 20 years ago. A couple of truly disturbing and deadly events don't change that.
There's still room for research.
God did not reduce the gun-violence rates over the past two decades any more than he drove rates up in previous years. Human beings and better, more-open policies toward gun ownership helped to accomplish that.

That gun violence rates have plummeted during the exact period when virtually every state and locality liberalized the conditions under which more types of people could buy and legally carry guns doesn't definitively prove that more guns equals less crime (correlation doesn't necessarily prove causation, natch). There are all sorts of factors involved. But it does show that increasing the number and amount of guns in circulation, and increasing the number and types of people who can legally carry guns in more situations has not led to increased gun violence.
Outside of a mathematical theorem, there is no such thing as proof. But a preponderance of evidence and a paucity of contrary evidence ought to be persuasive.

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