Economics is supposed to be about voluntary exchange, but what happens when people don't take advantage of the deal they're offered?
One student got married during the semester, and put her maiden name on one bubble sheet and her married name on the other.
That's understandable as a consequence of stress, but sometimes people just make bad decisions.
Another student skipped enough homeworks to zero out about a third of [his] grade. He was going to make it up by covering some chapters independently for extra credit. But he had done no work on this by exam day. So he requested copies of the extra quizzes, and then decided in the exam not to do them.
Better to do nothing and not reveal your weaknesses?

Sometimes the cluelessness defies parody.
Student took me for 2 classes. Both have exams on the same day. He requested retakes for the morning but not the afternoon class. Then he skipped the morning exam, showed up for the afternoon exam, and wondered if he could take the morning's quizzes then. Even better, he acted surprised that I didn't have the quiz copies from the morning with me in the afternoon.
And our Wizards of Smart suggest there are still too few people in college.

So good it is to be able to observe this stuff without being urged by the assessment weenies to try it myself.

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