Thomas Lifson is angry today.
Madness has gripped the social justice warriors, intoxicated with the power they currently wield. This will not end well. The American system of higher education, painstakingly built over the last two centuries, is in crisis, so bloated with excess administrators (many of them performing useless PC functions) and waste that purchasing a college education for two children ranks with buying a house as a life-altering financial event for middle class families. Over-expansion, combined with a decline in the demographic segment that attends college (in large part thanks to abortion) means that there will not be enough resources to sustain the current number of higher education institutions. And now, many prominent members of the industry are beclowning themselves.
I was at a holiday gathering with past colleagues from Northern Illinois and elsewhere, and the morale everywhere is low, even among people who might not share Mr Lifson's worldview or interpretations of the facts on the ground.

The correlation of forces, however, is not favorable to business as usual in higher education.

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