A self-despising capon by the name of Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry suggests that parents not perpetuate Santa Claus.  He goes astray early on, making no attempt to engage the storyline beginning with Bishop Nicolaus of Myra.

Today's trenchant observation goes to Mitch "Shot in the Dark" Berg, also unimpressed, in a more visceral way.
I think not having Santa in their lives is a moral wrong.  Yes, eventually they, like most kids, figure out that their parents have been pulling a fast one on them.  The smart kids figure out “my parents spent all those years getting up in the wee hours to put this little hint of magic in my life, because they wanted to see me be happy.  That’s odd – but the odd bit of happiness was sure cool!”   The not-so-smart ones get neurotic about Christmas and become NPR listeners – but then, if “Santa” doesn’t do it, something will.  And the real dumb ones never quite lose the idea that some beneficent supernatural being brings them stuff for nothing, and go on to support Bernie Sanders.
Then he brings the smack.

Go.  Read.  Understand.  Enjoy.

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