We have the Lake Superior State College's annual banished words list.

There's a similar project in Germany, although it focuses on one word to exile.
"Gutmensch" was selected because, in connection with the current refugee crisis in Germany, it defames "tolerance and helpfulness as naïve, dumb and worldly innocent, as having a helper syndrome or as moral imperialism," the jury president, linguist Nina Janich, told the press.
It's an interesting choice. "Mensch" can connote either a person, or, as is the case in American Yiddish, a particularly empathetic or otherwise decent person.  Thus "Gutmensch" intensifies an intensifier, but the connotation is "overly politically correct."  That's different, dear reader, from my "Excessively Earnest" locution.

Among the runners-up, "verschwulung."  Nature gets an assist from nurture.

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