From the Middle East Forum, the old order fracturing, in brief.
It would be amusing were it not such a tragic development for those of us who have to live among them, that the open-door, terrorist-apologist policies of liberal leftists, which has its tentacles deep in the "old" conservative parties across Europe, have led in many ways to the decline of their own ideals.

"Tolerance" – going. "Sexual liberation" – going. "Feminism" – gone. These, if not yet fully dead, are ideals in their death throes as Europe undergoes a seismic shift in demographics and, inevitably, our politics.
Social order is emergent. What is to come next has not yet revealed itself.  "Annus horribilis? You ain't seen nothing yet..."

Or as wags in the Captive Nations used to put it: last year was an average year.  Better than the one to come, but worse than the one that preceded it.

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