One way for a card-carrying member of the Perpetually Aggrieved to show Solidarity With The Oppressed is to affect an exaggerated pronunciation, such as rendering "Latino" as "la-DEE-noh."

But that clashes with proper notions of inclusiveness these days, and thus you get such constructions as "Latino/a" or "Latin@."  Dare you to pronounce either, whether in the Solidarity Way or not.

But now, that's overtaken by events, and the hermaphrodite construction "Latinx" is the latest way to signal virtue.
These Latinx students are the same group who would, a year ago, have been grouped under the terms “Latina,” “Latino” or, commonly, “Latino/a” (or even “Latin@”). But, in order to escape the implicit gender binary there and include all possible gender and sexual identities, the final gender-determining syllable is increasingly being replaced with an X.
I don't have to make this stuff up. I just report it.  The trash-talking in the comments section makes a football tilt between Steelers and Bengals manageable.  And the cultural appropriation sweepstakes has only begun.
Perhaps the most ironic failure of the term is that it actually excludes more groups than it includes. By replacing o’s and a’s with x’s, the word “Latinx” is rendered laughably incomprehensible to any Spanish speaker without some fluency in English. Try reading this “gender neutral” sentence in Spanish: “Lxs niñxs fueron a lx escuelx a ver sus amigxs.” You literally cannot, and it seems harmless and absurd until you realize the broader implication of using x as a gender neutral alternative. It excludes all of Latin America, who simply cannot pronounce it in the U.S. way. It does not provide a gender-neutral alternative for Spanish-speaking non-binary individuals and thus excludes them. It excludes any older Spanish speakers who have been speaking Spanish for more than 40 years and would struggle to adapt to such a radical change. It effectively serves as an American way to erase the Spanish language. Like it or not, Spanish is a gendered language. If you take the gender out of every word, you are no longer speaking Spanish. If you advocate for the erasure of gender in Spanish, you then are advocating for the erasure of Spanish.
If you can't play with dumb ideas in college, when do you play with dumb ideas?  On the other hand, why engage in virtue-signalling that's culturally appropriating and gives critics more sticks to beat you with.  Ist's nicht ein Grässlich Ding?

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